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Travels with Mom

  I arrived back to Oxnard, California from Denver yesterday evening from a visit with my daughter. Rain fell the night before, puddling the deck with water. My mother and I stood outside in the cool morning breeze to smell rain and touch the droplets pooled on the banister. California is in a drought and… Continue reading Travels with Mom

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Another Chapter from the Quesadilla Generation

Most baby boomers, and some Gen X'er's, are part of the "sandwich generation," caring for aging parents. There is also an estimated 8 million Latino baby boomers taking care of both elderly parents and children.  Life this past month has added another chapter to my stories about the Quesadilla Generation.Illness, death, grief, and caring for an aging… Continue reading Another Chapter from the Quesadilla Generation

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What’s the Quesadilla Generation?

Sandwich GenerationIf you’re over 50, I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “The Sandwich Generation.” The term, TSG, refers to a generation that is simultaneously caring for parents and children. And what about the “Club Sandwich Generation?” Carol Abaya, who writes and lectures on the subject of the sandwich generation refers to people, usually in their 50s or… Continue reading What’s the Quesadilla Generation?

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The Sandwich Generation, Hold the Mayo

  Last night my sister and I lounged on the balcony watching the sunset. We’re on vacation, with our mother and other sister, near San Diego and it’s a lovely warm evening. The mountains turned from green to purple as the sun began its descent and we were enjoying the mellowness of the approaching twilight. … Continue reading The Sandwich Generation, Hold the Mayo