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A 1932 Christmas

As we get older, we tend to appreciate things we took for granted, like stories from grandparents about their life and the childhood of our parents. Family stories may be boring when we're kids or when they're repeated often, as can be the case when our parents enter their 80's, but grandparents and parents who… Continue reading A 1932 Christmas

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The Missing Mystery Gift

  We have a tradition of opening gifts on Christmas morning at eleven o'clock at my mother's home. We bring our gifts to my Mom's very warm house which is filled with the fragrance of cinnamon and coffee and steamed roasted pork tamales. Christmas morning is a big event for my mom who loves to… Continue reading The Missing Mystery Gift

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Five Important Ingredients for the Best Tamales

It's a special time of year for Latino families throughout the country and the Americas. Two weeks before Christmas is the time to pull out the Tactical Tamale Plan. After going through this 'document,' we found out that there's a snag in the production. Our tamale masa connection is MIA, so I've had to post a… Continue reading Five Important Ingredients for the Best Tamales

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The Tactical Tamale Plan

It's tamale making time. The season is just like Christmas. You look forward to the joyful day with some trepidation. Why? Because of the time it takes for planning, buying, wrapping, steaming. See, just like Christmas. After Thanksgiving my family, including my brother, sit down and draw up our tactical tamale plan. First we have to decide on… Continue reading The Tactical Tamale Plan