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Love, Cupid – Poem

  Dear Human, I must tell you there are not enough arrows for those looking for Eros and more than enough that missed their mark  discarded by one or the other, or both * I must ration my arrows, look for the best mark a certifiable bullseye for a gardener who tends to love with… Continue reading Love, Cupid – Poem

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Rethink Valentine’s Day…let me count the ways

Valentine's Day is all about hearts, romance, love, right? For single me, it's less romance but still hugs, kisses, and special wishes. Do not stick me with the "Un-Valentine" set with heart pinatas and speared cupids.  There's still lots of reasons to celebrate Valentine's Day or "Single Awareness Day," as this Cargoh card   illustrates.V-D… Continue reading Rethink Valentine’s Day…let me count the ways

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Oh no, it’s Valentine’s Day…

     That's what I heard from a friend last week. She was going to avoid going out and/or sleep away VD day.     I've been there. I understand. For one year, not any time you're without a man. Her avoidance made me think about my own reactions.     You know you're healthy again, maybe… Continue reading Oh no, it’s Valentine’s Day…