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Five Ways to Prevent #Writers Butt

  "Sitting is the new smoking..." Dr. Christine Northrup I caught the tail end (no pun intended) of Dr. Northrup's PBS talk on aging the other day. She told the audience that decline and deterioration doesn't have to accompany aging. Middle age spread, in your stomach and your derrière is not de rigueur. Worse, those two… Continue reading Five Ways to Prevent #Writers Butt

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‘Shoulding’ All Over Myself

I hate the word 'should,' but I use it on myself quite a bit. I should be writing (working on my new manuscript). I should be reading to improve my writing. I should find a new book to read. (I did find this fun game to select a book, but twice it selected one I already… Continue reading ‘Shoulding’ All Over Myself

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Writing Conferences

  I'm on my way to the Writer's Digest Novel Intensive conference in Century City, CA for the weekend. Yes, going to the home of the celebrities. Terrible traffic and exorbitant prices in that city. I can't afford the hotel costs so I'm couch surfing it at my best friends apartment four cities away. I'm feeling… Continue reading Writing Conferences

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Four Secrets to Poetic Prose-Part 2

  I have to tell you, I want to be a better writer. I have stories to tell the world, and I'm tired of  my seven member critique group being the only ones to read them. They may be tired of them too. For almost six years, I've been writing stories which became an Adult Contemporary and… Continue reading Four Secrets to Poetic Prose-Part 2