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Stardust and Healing – Poem


Stardust- Valentine of the Universe by Jan



In my dreams,

I traveled to the stars

through the black darkness,

to the heavens of the infinite,


gathering stardust

in outstretched arms,

bits of  future self, which

flowed over my heart.


Glowing embers

surrounded a dying organ,

encouraging, nurturing,

restoring love.


Warmth growing,

healing the self

bringing me back

to life.



Love, poetry

Machu Picchu Love – Poem

Machu Pichu, Peru
View from Machu Picchu-Flickr photo by Mr.Hicks46


Dreams chased me last night until I caught a poem. I’ve never been to Machu Picchu but my dream told me that love is sometimes like climbing the Incan temples.


Machu Picchu Love

Sacred ground,

ancient valley of magic

energy abounds.


Stepping lightly

you climb

to the pyramid of the sun,

ribbons of color flutter with no wind.


Citadel of grandeur,

temples of holiness awe

until you stumble,


down stairs to the sacrificial stone


Head in clouds excitement

make way to

nauseous headache


Machu Picchu love,

like a tourist attraction,

a bucket list adventure,

grand vistas one can only see

from the pyramid of love.