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Sunrises and Healing – Poem

Sausalito Sunrise by David Yu
Sausalito Sunrise by David Yu


Beneath wet lashes

the moon, round with longing,

floated towards heaven-

a luminous orb.

In an arc against an indigo sky,

embroidered with crystals,

radiance ascended into a soft glow 

caressing a night of sighs.

Its ardent light beckoned

to the miracles of the universe

to hope and peace

until the tears dried 

and the sun rose,



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Happy, Even After – Poem

Not Letting Go- flickr photo
Not Letting Go- flickr photo


A few weeks ago I wrote this poem. I can share it now.


Happy, Even After

You don’t have the courage to tell the truth,

to break up with a man when you know deep inside

that you need to.

You take the lazy way out, wait on frustration,

anger, say or do something overreactive,

using the accumulated garbage from the past

composting for the right time.

Ignited by pain, internal combustion flames.

Watch out, he will get burned and so will you.

Why do you wait? Is it part of not losing what you do have?

Sounds pathetic, this ‘I don’t know how to end relationships,”

when your brain says, “yes you do know.”

Love is full of risks, it is not safe all the time,

the mind knows that, the heart doesn’t.

It’s okay to love and not be loved in return,

it’s okay to love and be loved,

and for that to end, even when we don’t want it to.

There isn’t a happy ever after.  All things end,

whether in breakup or death.

But there is a happy, even after.

The chasm between the two happy’s seem immense

like walking the Great Wall of China,

unforeseeable twists and turns.

Love yourself through the journey forward.

The strength to keep walking,

the strength to go the distance, is inside.

Keep your eyes, ears, and heart

tuned to your intuition and your god.

You can do it again, trust again, and love again.

The journey begins to happy–even after.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family, friends, and share memories of those who have passed on.

My deep appreciation, and prayers, for the men and women who fought in wars even when they didn’t want to do so, but did it anyway.


Find your happy, even after.


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A Plague of Memories-Poem


A Plague of Memories-gettyimages.com
A Plague of Memories-gettyimages.com


For the last six weeks, I’ve brought my cellphone to bed with me.
Sounds weird, but what I’m really bringing is meditation from Deepak Chopra and Susan Piver of the Open Heart Project.

Meditation has been a tremendous help in easing stress.

Last night, I stumbled upon a series, Healing with the Masters, that I really enjoyed.

The featured one, a free meditation, was quite new to me. The audio was from Raquel Spencer, who works on connecting with your higher self, body energy, and vibration.

I know, sounds so ‘new agey,’ but I can only tell you my experience.

It was awesome, I felt refreshed, slept very well and found it stimulated creativity.

I woke, in the middle of the night, reach for my cell and jotted down words in my notes section.

Although I don’t feel broken hearted or grief-stricken, these are the words that came to me last night:

A Plague of Memories


I kiss my grief

and long for you

undeserving as that may be


A plague of memories

chases me

until I stop

examine each


A waste of kisses

the grief mine

for trusting you

once again.


Have an adventurous week.