Why I Write

Langston Hughes quote on Journal-VickieHallmark, flickr.com

Journal-VickieHallmark, flickr.com


I cannot NOT write.

I write to tell stories about people and issues that matter, 

to me,

with experiences which may be different than your own,

or the same.

I write about the ugly & the beautiful

the abandoned & abused

the loved & unloved

the saved & the unsaved.

I write because I’m fascinated

by the hope and faith broken people

can show

in the middle of their pain

something that pushes them on.

I write because I know that

no hay rosas sin espinas

there are no roses without thorns 

I write to feel, to stay alive, 

to have hope, and because I’m grateful 

Why do you write or create?

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8 replies

  1. Ha! You know I’m not going to let this pass, Mona. I have to go sit on a rock and think about it, though. And when I find out, I will be zip back, banging on your door, all excited.


  2. Beautiful. I love how you incorporate both the Spanish and English versions of the phrase about the roses.

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  3. Mona?


  4. yes! we MUST write. ♡

    Liked by 1 person

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