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11 Things My Mom Taught Me Without Knowing

  The other day I saw a contest, sponsored by the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference. For a chance to win a free pass, one could enter a 500-word essay on the topic, "What my mother taught me." The deadline was within a couple of days, so I passed on the opportunity, but the topic stirred… Continue reading 11 Things My Mom Taught Me Without Knowing

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Why I Write

  I cannot NOT write. I write to tell stories about people and issues that matter,¬† to me, with experiences which may be different than your own, or the same. I write about the ugly & the beautiful the abandoned & abused the loved & unloved the saved & the unsaved. I write because I'm… Continue reading Why I Write

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Adventure in Transition

The frenzy of doing often keeps my emotions out of reach, until the doing stops. Action keeps the feelings sidelined, pushed aside so I can go on without dissolving into a blubbering mess. Such is the activity of the last few days. The preparation to move the property of two young adults and a cat,… Continue reading Adventure in Transition