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Champurrado-Mexican Comfort Drink, Vegan Style

Christmas came. It left me with a cold and cough. Unknown Mami recently blogged about her daughter, who "felt like cheese." I know the feeling.   Nonetheless, the tamales were wrapped, steamed and eaten. My sisters, mom, brother and boyfriend stayed up late chismeando, watching movies and snacking. This may have delayed my recovery from my cold, but our… Continue reading Champurrado-Mexican Comfort Drink, Vegan Style

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Christmas-Chicano Style

  It's a Chicano style Christmas in our house. We blend Mexican traditions with the Anglo-American since my children are third generation Mexican Americans mixed with French and Blackfoot Native American on their dad's side. My mother was born in California from immigrant Mexican parents. I was born in California and grew up in the 70's,… Continue reading Christmas-Chicano Style