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Five Reasons to do a Year End Review

"Out with the old, in with the new." I don't like that saying for several reasons, mainly because many old things have value. But, there is also truth to the phrase. Making room for the new is worthwhile. A year end review (let's give this an acronym: YER) is all about looking back. Not to… Continue reading Five Reasons to do a Year End Review

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A Promise To Myself

Most of the time. When I make a mistake, that hurts someone, I remind myself that I need to make restitution. Restitution is made by first apologizing, second by listening to the person when he or she explains how they feel, and then making it up to this person with a gesture. This is also… Continue reading A Promise To Myself

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How Strong is Karen Kline?

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times. That could be the title of Karen Klein's week. The bus monitor (for over 23 years) was the subject of bullying, a viral YouTube video, talk shows, and a fundraising campaign. This 68 year old grandmother of eight did not use violence against… Continue reading How Strong is Karen Kline?

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VIctims of Penn State Scandal & Shift

¬†Sometimes I hate to turn on the television news. Most of the time I'm going to hear about the violence, pain, and atrocities not only in other countries, but here, in the USA. Two days ago I said enough of the Penn State news. It's already stirred up more feelings than I've felt for years,… Continue reading VIctims of Penn State Scandal & Shift