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A to Z Challenge: O is for Olla

  I've passed the halfway mark of the A to Z Challenge. Yay me! Today's letter is O. O is for Olla. An olla (hoy-ya) is a cooking pot. The pot can be any of the sizes above. In my house, when Mom asked me to get her olla, the conversation was some version of this:  "Small… Continue reading A to Z Challenge: O is for Olla

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Beginning a New Tradition with Tamales-Vegan Style!

Five years after my youngest became a vegan, I now have another vegan son who has a wonderful girlfriend who is also vegan. I began cooking vegan style for the youngest some time ago. My oldest son, David and his girlfriend, Laura 'veganize' all sorts of foods while educating people on their YouTube site titled… Continue reading Beginning a New Tradition with Tamales-Vegan Style!

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When We were Catholic-Lent

by J. CobbMy mother is Roman Catholic. She baptized and raised us as such. We attended Catholic schools from first to twelfth grade. Everything you can imagine in the 1960's-70's era of Catholicism, in our Latino home, we had it: Virgen of Guadalupe, St. Jude, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus statues. We had an altar under… Continue reading When We were Catholic-Lent