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My Heart Rises-Poem

  It's been many days since I've wanted to work on my manuscripts. Or do much. One of the side effects of this lull is using the bits and pieces that tumble out of the heart. Examine them for meaning. Are they true, fears, or lies? Sometimes the words are like puzzle pieces to keep… Continue reading My Heart Rises-Poem

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When Stress Gets To You

If I could choose 10 days to give back to time, I'd choose the last ten. Between my usual six month cancer checkup (to see if I'm still in remission or not),  a relationship ending, and my brother in critical care and suffering from ICU Delirium, the stresses of my life cut through any desire… Continue reading When Stress Gets To You

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Do You Have Holes in your Brain?

from hungryzombie.blogspotIt sounds like something out of science fiction, but this is no Sci-Fi novel where Zombies eat brains. A recently released Yale University study, says that stress causes the brain to shrink. Houston neuroscientist and author David Eagleman states, "Stress is underpinned by particular hormones that circulate through the body and the brain. Those… Continue reading Do You Have Holes in your Brain?